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October 12 & 13, 2019


Union Craft // Rapha Parkway Trophy Series

Two Classic Events/Four Exciting Race Days One Coveted PACTIMO Jersey

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Charm City CX 2019

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Thomas Sneyers: Elite race announcer at Charm City Cross

Thomas Sneyers: Elite race announcer at Charm City Cross

Bringing Belgium to You

Not everyone has the chance to go to Belgium to watch Cyclocross in its full glory, so we've brought a little bit of Belgian cyclocross to Baltimore.

Thomas has been an on-site announcer for multiple races in Belgium, including the Hansgrohe and Telenet Superprestige series and the Telenet World Cups. This year he's joined Corendon-Circus, Mathieu van der Poel's team as their Press Officer. The 2018 Charm City event will mark Thomas' third year as the announcer for the Men's and Women's Elite races.

"Charm City is one of the most exciting races I've ever done as announcer but also as a fan. The venue is great and I'm loving Druid Hill Park! The races are always exciting, often much more exciting than in Europe. I love the people at Charm City, and off course... the food! I never ever eat Pizza or Rice Bowls at a Cyclocross race, and I never eat so much vegan in one week as I do in Baltimore!"  -Thomas


A Local Legend


We’re excited to have Bill Elliston back for a second year of announcing at Charm City. He provides a well-rounded, knowledgable, North American view that balances well with Thomas’ European expertise.

Bill has a long history with the cyclocross scene and knows riders of all levels well. His experience with the sport, especially in the east, allows him to provide colorful, well-informed commentary during the races.

Bill says:

“Having been involved with cycling since 1984, 'cross is a particular discipline within the realm of racing that I hold close to my heart.

As one of the oldest UCI cross races in North America, and the anchor of the thriving Mid Atlantic 'cross scene, Charm City Cross has become the standard that most other races are judged by. Their creative use of Druid Hill Park ensures that every athlete, beginner to professional, is challenged on every level and only the most complete athlete will come out on top.

I can't say enough how excited I am to be part of the announcing crew getting to call the excitement again from this great event.”

Bill Elliston announcing Charm City Cross 2017

Bill Elliston announcing Charm City Cross 2017

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