Eligible Fields for Pactimo Parkway CX Trophy Leader’s and Champions Jerseys

  • UCI Elite Women

  • UCI Elite Men

  • UCI Junior Men

  • U19 Junior Women

  • 2/3 Women

  • 2/3 Men

  • 40+ 1/2/3 Women

  • 40+ 1/2/3 Men

  • 50+ 1/2/3/4 Men

  • 60+ 1/2/3/4 Men

Leader’s jerseys will be presented at the time of the podium ceremony for those fields competing for a jersey.

Series Payouts & Prizes

UCI Elite Women and Men are racing for an overall prize purse of $11,100. The pay schedule is as follows: 

    • 1st- $2000

    • 2nd- $1200

    • 3rd- $800

    • 4th- $500

    • 5th- $300

    • 6th- $200

    • 7th- $175

    • 8th- $150

    • 9th- $125

    • 10th- $100

  • Top 3 Racers in the following categories are racing for an overall series jersey + prizes from Union Craft Brewing or other Series supporters: UCI Junior Men. U19 Junior Women, 2/3 Women, 2/3 Men, 40+ 1/2/3 Women, 40+, 1/2/3 Men, , 60+ 1/2/3 Men

  • All other racers in the top-3 of their respective categories at the end of the series (after DCCX day 2) will receive schwag from Union Craft Brewing or other Series supporters



Series standings are based on Cumulative time at 4 races: Charm City 1 & 2, DCCX 1 & 2

  • At each race, riders use the better of their actual finish time (if on lead lap) or winner's time + 6 minutes (i.e. a rider that finishes more than 6 min. after the winner, gets lapped, gets pulled, or is a DNF or DNS gets the winners time + 6 min. Times are recorded to the nearest second).

  • Time Bonuses are deducted for podium finishers: first = 15 seconds, second = 10 seconds, third = 5 seconds.

  • The series champion will be determined by the lowest cumulative sum of the 4 races to determine finishing order.

  • In case of a tie in cumulative time, finish order at the latest race in the mini-series determines order in the series standings among those with identical times. 2nd tie-breaker, finishing order at previous race.

  • A leader’s jersey will be awarded after each race, to be worn at the following race. The rider with the lowest cumulative time after the latest race wears the jersey (with the same tie-breaker).

  • If the rider leading a category where a leader’s jersey is available, they must wear the jersey. Elite racers choosing to not do so will result in a 6 minute time penalty in the series standings.

  • To be eligible for Parkway CX Trophy Series Rankings and payouts, Elite riders must start at least one race at Charm city and at DCCX.

  • Jerseys are awarded to new leaders and series Champions.

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